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Marketing IS spiritual.
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Plain and simple, marketing is turning on your lighthouse so the people who need your services can find you!
People shy away from marketing because they think it's icky, self-absorbed, and money-driven. This couldn't be far from the truth for what YOU'RE doing. You have a God-given gift and it's your Divine duty to share it with the world. Think of all the lives that are waiting to be impacted by your gift, the minute you start allowing yourself to shine, sharing your story, and  
serving from the heart. Not only will it serve others but it will serve you too. As you dedicate your life to your soul's purpose, your entire life improves. Things start falling into place, synchronicities happen like woah, and life starts to have a new level of ease it didn't before.

Come shift your life by joining the STAR Marketing Club to learn marketing strategies that use intuition, spiritual principles, and inner confidence.
"My favorite things about the STAR Marketing Club are the community family-hood, the transparency, and the mentorship given to build yourself to the next level of greatness." - Regina Turner
Brittany Reese
Social Media Maven, CEO of BTR Productions
" I like the tips, constant interaction, and support group feel. Aditi is personable yet professional all at once. She also provides practical training ."
Nadya Hewitt
Selfish Coach, Founder of
"I love the information, the supportive environment and the positivity of the group. Aditi is DA BOMB.COM" 
Meet Aditi Ramchandani 
Aditi is highly intuitive in marketing and loves creating strategies with business owners that gets them confident, visible, and paid in their business! She created the Intuitive Marketing Club for spiritual entreprenuers who are passionate about deeply impacting lives! 

Street Cred
- Recognized as a Top Business Expert by the Forbes Coaches Council
- 13 years in marketing
- Masters Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Northwestern University
- Life coaching certification from The Life Coach School
- Angel Intuitive